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Zokwezo at Carthage Theater Days Festival – Tunisia


December 10, 2018


At 5:00 pm

It is the story, today, of a European woman and an African man whose solitudes converge and who reveal themselves to each other, for a moment, but which will deeply move them both.

Duration: 1h05

Two destinies intersect.
A woman. A man.
Up to this point, it’s simple, albeit always complex.
She is white.
He is black.
Despite the fact that times are changing, everything seems to be impossible between them.
Maybe that’s because we are in Africa.
Each character is shut up in their apartment, taking refuge in their own solitude. The woman owns
hers, the man doesn’t.
The rest of the building is deserted today, except for an overly curious caretaker who does endless
The large city surrounding the building is celebrating the investiture of its emperor in the eyes of the
international community and its thousands of expats…
Everyone is at the parade, except for Delphine and Boulass.
She hasn’t got the heart to party.
Neither has he.
This fortuitous encounter will upset everything.


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