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“WA” Album Launch Tour in The Middle East

Cairo, Alexandria, Haifa, Ramallah

January 24, 2020

Alexandria Concert

From 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

January 28, 2020

Cairo Concert

At 8:00 pm

January 30, 2020

Haifa concert

From 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

January 31, 2020 till February 1, 2020

Ramallah concert

From 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

“…Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler’s Wameedd is the most challenging, creative, and disturbing. Hasler a Swiss composer and performer of electronic music, provides an eerie, subtle, and remarkably appropriate sound background for Jubran’s voice and ‘ud. Jubran’s ‘ud playing is mostly basic and spare, her repetitive lines and note-bending often bearing a family resemblance to that of Mississippi delta blues guitarists. The focus here is less on melody than on emotion, feeling, and the words.“ RootsWorld

Musician, composer and one of the most revered figures for today’s younger generation of experimental and alternative Arabic music scenes, Kamilya Jubran (text, oud & vocals), collaborates with long standing musical partner, composer, accomplished trumpet player and seasoned electronic musician Werner Hasler (trumpet & electronics).

In Wa (Arabic for and), their third album together as a duo, Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler continue to interrogate their listening and their expression, their research and their desires, to unravel a musical universe of possibilities; “a unison of timbres, cultures complementing, the complicity of verses, and modes and languages confronting each other” in the duo’s own way of communicating respective origins and contemporaneity. Lyrical, within a sound full of contrast and ornamentation, they pursue an expansion of their repertoire with imaginative interpretation and improvisation.

For this release via Swiss label Everest Records, Jubran and Hasler seek new sonic and phonetic territory, based on the wasla compound form found in the classical repertoire of Near Eastern music and in Western modern and improvised music; a suite of musical explorations within one composition. In the 45-minutes-long piece that makes up the full length album, they gradually unveil to us the tenants of this artistic dialogue, as they deepen a longstanding musical pact nurtured since 2002 based on the probing and opening up of musical modes and traditions. The chemistry between Jubran and Hasler’s exchange gives birth to a singular, original and extratemporal sound.