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“Out of Town” in Matmata, Tunisia


“Out of town” is the outcome of a cooperative residency between choreographers, comedians, dancers and rhythmic musicians from Switzerland, Tunisia and Egypt. The residency program was produced collaboratively between Pro Helvetia Cairo, Tunisian Ministry of Culture, and Association Danseurs Citoyens Tunis and Gabess.

Artists from the three countries believed that creative action needs stillness and interruption; they chose to go out of the regular performance spaces in the capitals, and to go closer to the people. The choice of the city of Matmata in southern Tunisia, a semi-desert region dating back to two thousand years, is characterized by being a transit point from the south of the desert to the north, and by its individual buildings (underground homes) with simple architecture which are attached to the land without being affected by modernity and globalization.

Swiss participants:

Association: Danzasia

Dancer: Nunzia Tirelli

Choreographer, dancer, cultural promoter: Fillipo Armatti

Choreographer: Maria Vlasova