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Tim Zulauf presenting “The Trollhaus – Maison de Trolls” in Dream City Biennale


October 4, 2017 till September 8, 2017

Trollhaus – Maison de Trolls

From 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Dar Lasram, 24 Rue du Tribunal

Swiss theater director and play writer Tim Zulauf is presenting his project “Trollhaus – Maison de Trolls” on October 4, 2017, as part of Dream City Biennale in Tunis city.

The project is based on fundamental changes in public spheres. In contrast to the optimistic setting-up scenarios of the 1990s, the digital-virtual environments are almost completely commercialized. How the structuring of our intimate, digital environments by means of big data surveys and algorithmic formations of filter bubbles take place, however completely withdrawn from the common and common knowledge.

In all the world’s current circumstances, a set of questions must be intertwined and new approaches for action have to be formulated. What were the positive visions of digital networking? What revolutions, like the Tunisian ones, have benefited positively from digital networks? What do active Internet activists currently suggest for strategies and tactics for shaping our digital environment? And not least, but first: in which economies can we promote the ideas of other, accelerated, non-commercial and autonomous network projects?

”Tollhaus–Maison de Trolls”, presents these questions as a theatrical installation, as the concrete space of performance, faced with the abstract, parallel virtual worlds, can provide an ideal test area for new, future forms of action.

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