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“The Tailor” at Carthage Theater Days 2019


We are pleased to announce the participation of the performance “The Tailor” at Carthage Theater Days Festival. The performance will tour three cities (Tunis, Tataouine, Medenine) in Tunisia between December 13 and 17.

About the Tailor:


His world is the table of tailoring. Peering between the eyelets you can see through the fabric of a thousand stories.

Among rag dolls and mannequins dancing, Gardi Hutter sews the plot of the show without sparing snips and malice.
In the sewing box open abyss and with so many spools, even fate can lose the thread

Gardi Hutter & Michael Vogel (Family Flöz) create, with the tailor, a play on the finitude of being and the infinity of the game. Outside of time.


of Gardi Hutter & Michael Vogel
Artist: Gardi Hutter
Staging: Michael Vogel (Familie Flöz)

Music: Franui
Sound: Dirk Schröder
Video: Andreas DihmScenografia: Urs Moesch
Lights: Reinhard Hubert
Parner: Ferruccio Cainero
Technicians: Raffaella Benini, Andrea Cosentino

Grafic: Stephan Bundi