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The Moving Poster – Exhibition & Workshop


February 27, 2019 till March 20, 2019

The Moving Poster - Exhibition

From 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Medrar for Contemporary Art, Garden City (Cairo)

Medrar, Cairo 27.02 – 20.03 2019
Open daily 3 pm to 9 pm. Closed Fridays.

‘The Moving Poster’, the first exhibition of animated posters in Cairo, brings together top designers and animators from all over the world. ‘Moving posters’ are a new digital form where the visual content is animated and displayed through an array of moving image technologies. The exhibited selection demonstrates the wide range of possibilities as well as the limitations of digital visuals and raises questions like: What new techniques and methods of narration can be employed? What are the defining lines between an animated poster and a film? How can this medium develop in the future? And, most importantly, what is a poster exactly?

‘The Moving Poster’ was previously shown at the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival, Switzerland – 2016 and in Typomania international Typographic Festival, Russia – 2017.

The exhibition is accompanied by 3 guest lectures and a two-day workshop. Details are to be posted soon.




Erich Brechbühl [Mixer] is a Lucerne (Switzerland) based independent graphic designer focused on poster and corporate design. Brechbühl is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) and a co-founder of Weltformat Graphic Design Festival.

Josh Schaub is a Swiss designer who combines traditional graphics with new digital narratives creating striking, informative and kinetic elements. Recently Schaub has been heavily involved with the medium of the moving poster; initiating, designing and curating the exhibition ‘The Moving Poster’.

Turbo تيربو is a Amman-based multidisciplinary visual art and graphic design studio founded in 2015 by Mothanna Hussein and Saeed Slippery Johnson Abu-Jaber.
Turbo’s space serves both as the designers’ studio – producing work varying between branding projects, editorial design, infographics, and posters – and an exhibition/event space, where a variety of events and shows are hosted.


‘The Moving Poster’ exhibition in Cairo is curated by Josh Schaub and Engy Aly in collaboration with Medrar and is supported by Pro Helvetia Cairo.
Additional support by Goethe-Institut Kairo.
Scenography by Tamer Aly.