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Swiss Participation in Mapping Possibilities 2019


December 19, 2019

Performance Night 1

From 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

December 20, 2019

Performance Night 2

From 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

We are pleased to announce our support to the 7th edition of Mapping Possibilities. This edition features two Swiss artists, Samuel Savenberg / S S S S, producer and musician working in the wider fields of Electronic Music, and GIL Schneider, producer and sound artist; the two artists are participating with two sound pieces for the performances, and a workshop directed by GIL.

After 7 editions of Mapping Possibilities and over 20 A/V performances, we are happy to expand the scale of our activities by establishing a mini festival “Mapping Possibilities 2019”. the “mini festival” will host a variety of A/V performances, workshops and talks, happening during one week. the aim is to connect artists from different fields together, as well as to offer more possibilities for younger artists to collaborate through learning new skills, and having open discussions about different topics in media art, technology in different media and how it affects their works and their vision.

  1. December 18: Sound Design and Production | Workshop by GIL
    Known for his unique energetic sound and his releases on Danse Noire, Swiss producer GIL (Gil Schneider) is offering a 3 hours open workshop on sound and music production. During the workshop, GIL will go through his production techniques, sound design and his music structure.
  • Structure in Composition: How and why to plan a music structure. Expectation and Surprise. Narration in music. Sticking to the plan vs. Mending the plan during the process of the production.
  • Expectation and Surprise in musical material: Effects of creating cohesion and familiarity vs. surprising the listener / breaking the expectations.
  • Generative Experimentation: Mistakes as an integral part of the creative process. Playfulness + Tricks for generating new material.
  • Tips and Tricks on sampling: Methods, effect chains, chopping, layering.
  • Looking at a few specific projects by GIL, and showing the tips/concepts.
  • Open discussion where people can show their projects with GIL.

    2. December 19 | Performance Night 1
The night features two A/V live acts by  Mark Jzerman (DU)/ SSSS (CH)/ Nurah Farhat (EG) & Youssef Ibrahim (EG)

a) | First performance |  Mark IJzerman [Audio/Visual]
b) | Second performance |  S S S S [Audio]  & Nurah Farahat + Youssef Ibrahim [Visual]

3. December 20 | Performance Night 2
The nights features two acts by GIL [Audio] + Islam Shabana [Visual] & Nadah ElShazly [Audio] + Mostafa El Baroody [Visual]

a) | First performance |  GIL [Audio] + Islam Shabana [Visual]
b) | Second performance |  Nadah ElShazly [Audio] + Mostafa El Baroody [Visual]

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