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Swiss participation at Di-Egy Fest 0.2

March 7, 2017 till March 14, 2017

Festival exhibition

From 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

This March, four Swiss artists are participating in the “Di-EGY Festival 0.2” activities, with two workshops and one exhibition.

The first two projects taking part in the exhibition at Darb 1718 are, “Phantom 00”, which is a series of large format posters created by an advanced FBI drawing device that renders a person’s mental picture of someone else into a portrait – by Sonja Feldmeier, and “Two faces, one story”, which is a 20 min video interviews with people who lived in the wartime, and how their lives are still traumatized. – by Thomas Isler. These two projects will be at the exhibition up till March 14th, 2017.

Boris Edelstein and Walid Van Boetzelaer will be introducing the world of video mapping and its techniques through a three-days’ workshop titled “Mad Mapper, Video and Led Mapping”. Throughout the workshop, methods of plugging interactive devices to control installation will also be introduced to participants, while working together on a large piece which will be presented at the end of the workshop. The workshop will focus on the use of Modul8, MadMapper, MadLight, live controls, and interactive controls.

Moreover, Sonja Feldmeier and Thomas Isler will be conducting another workshop titled “Notes on the Daily Ghosts” with House of Electronica Corporation (HEK) in Basel. The five-days workshop will be about exploring the art of storytelling using our day to day devices, like mobiles, phone camera, and webcams. The participants will learn the basics of storytelling in daily situations using whichever tools they have on hand, also they will learn the basics of editing, montage, and sound recording.

DI-EGY Festival second edition’s main theme is “Coding and Identity” displaying how digital art and its artists/engineers are changing our perception to the world. The festival will be held from 7-14 March 2017 at Darb 1718 in Old Cairo.


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