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“Sonic Totem” at Dream City Biennale – Tunisia


October 7, 2019 till October 8, 2019


From 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm

We are pleased to witness the collaboration between French Tunisian artist Floy Krouchi and Swiss visual artist Ursula Scherrer, along with Badiaa Bouhrizi (TN), Devin Brahja Waldman (US), Nejma and Selma Zghidi (TN) and Marwen Abouda (TN) on his project “SonicTotem” participating in Dream City Biennial.

Interactive Sound Sculpture, 2019

“Sonic Totem” is a sculpture of wood, metal and horn, which incorporates a series of interactive speakers. The Totem is in the middle of a virtual circular space, around which the viewer can turn 360 °. The space is divided into four zones, recalling the four cardinal points and the four primordial elements. The Totem wears a circular ring of ultrasonic distance sensors that analyze motion and trigger and modulate sound sequences according to procedures between necessity and randomness.
The figure of the traditional totem is invoked, a ritual object serving as an interface with the world of the ancestors and the invisible forces. The sculpture functions as a contemporary “digital totem”. It proposes to reformulate and question the human / non-human / machine ontological distinction, and the function of the art object as a magic object.


The public interacts with the sculpture to generate unique narratives, hybrid identities, and spatiotemporal disturbances. The Totem is powered by recordings, field recordings, interviews, potentially infinite sound documents, recorded in every place where it is installed. The Totem can also receive and modulate a live audio stream, emitted from another location.A “meta-genealogy” emerges: the processes of interactive composition reflect the processes of the Living. By selection, repetition, mutation, between determinism and chance, sequences are constructed, identities, genealogies and memories are defined, at the level of the cell, the individual, the collective history prototype with a column of loudspeakers.

Conception, Basse, French text: Floy Krouchi
Scenography & interactive light:

Marwen Abouda
Voice: Badiaa Bouhrizi AKA Neysatu
Visual Art: Ursula Scherrer
Saxophone: Devin Brahja Waldman
Comedian: Nejma Zghidi
Text (Derja) et traduction: Selma Zghidi

Languages: Tunisian & French

7 OCT. at 20:00 hrs
8 OCT. at 21:00 hrs
Duration : 1H30

Interactive Installation:
5, 6, 8 OCT. from 12:00  to 19: 00 hrs
7 OCT: from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs

Presbytère Sainte-Croix
Rue Jemâa Zitouna



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