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Rosa & Louise – A Feminist Manifest in Dialogues by Ariane Koch and Sarina Scheidegger


March 30, 2018

Rosa & Louise - A Feminist Manifest performance

At 7:00 pm

Jesuits Cultural Center in Alexandria

 Be afraid!
Be fearless!
Make sure you are heard!
Keep asking until you get an answer!
Embrace your shyness!
Cry in public!
Have big big feelings!
Be a mess!

For the festival «Theater Is A Must» in Alexandria, Egypt the two artists and writers Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger will work on and expand their piece «Rosa & Louise – A Feminist Manifest in Dialogues» in collaboration with artists, musicians and actors from Egypt.

For the next version of the manifest Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger will be expanding the format and build in new layers of collaboration and contribution. The text will be a substructure to expand and furthermore experiment with alternative ways of presenting the piece within the context of the theater festival. Not only should the form be renewed but also broadened the view of how feminism is discussed today, its different perspectives, experiences and approaches. In what way can and does feminism articulate itself in different cultures? How can we relate to it? Who is speaking? Who is allowed to speak? How are stereotypes and cliches reproduced and negotiated? Where are the intersect

The examination with the structures of the feminist discourse constitutes the foundation of the manifest which was continously rewritten since 2013 by Ariane Koch and Sarina Scheidegger. The dialogic piece was shown in different stages and contexts as a performance – spoken by two performers – and as poster edition – exposed in the public space as well as in the exhibition space. The manifest breaks with its authoritarian shape and appears differently each time in updated versions. (Released so far: Version I-XI)

ions in the discourse which differs depending on the national, geographical, historical, cultural or social background we live in – but what is also alike in many ways? Where can we use the feminist perspective to establish generel questions of society? How can feminism be a tool to enlarge and renew history (for all of us)?

Relating to these questions a group of various artists will be working together and finding a new embodiment and presentation form for Version XII «Rosa & Louise – A Feminist Manifest in Dialogues».

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