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“Restricted Area” premier at Carthage Theater Days Festival – Tunisia


December 9, 2018

Restricted Aread

At 5:00 pm

JTC- Journées théâtrales de Carthage أيام قرطاج المسرحية, 16 bis rue d'Autriche, Lafayette, 1002 Tunis

A piece of two women, one from Tunis, one from Zurich, on cultural question marks.
Leila and Luzia, who have never met before, meet randomly in a transit room. Each woman has her own personal stories and her secrets. Suddenly a security alarm starts, the transit tract mutates into the interrogation room and the two women are suspected of security agencies.

The performance was first premiered in Switzerland at Rote Fabrik, and now will premier in the Arab world at Carthage Theater Days Festival.

Maralam is the first transcultural theater in Switzerland and a hub for cross-border artistic projects. There is a longer cooperation with their partner Théâtre Mass’ART, Tunis.

Text: Samia Amami

Input (Switzerland): Maja Peter

Director: Peter Braschler

Performers: Yousra Ammouri, Meret Bodamer; in Doppelbesetzung: Utz Bodamer, Kais Aouididi

Statge Manager: Stephan Schwendimann

Costumes: Luisa Beeil, Jalila Madani

Composition: Matthias Hillebrand-Gonzalez, Hatem Ben Khaled

Light: Michael Omlin

Dramaturge: Salah Hammouda

Video, Visual Effects: Michel Werber

Production Assistant: Julian Geayon