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Poudre de Songes Exhibition – Augustin Rebetez


October 18, 2018 till November 10, 2018

Exhibition dates

From 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

October 18, 2018

Exhibition opening

At 6:00 pm

After his immersive installation during our Yalla Dada exhibition (2016) and his critically acclaimed show at this year’s Visual Arts Bienniale in Vevey, STATION welcomes back Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez for a residency and solo photography exhibition entitled Poudre de Songes/Dreampowder. Parallel to the exhibition, we present two artist talks, a photography workshop and a live concert.

Born in the Jura mountains in 1986, Augustin Rebetez creates total art installations that burst with vivacious poetry, humor and youthful rebellion. The contrasts that he stages – with images, drawings, installations, sculptures or stopmotion videos – depict a tragicomic reality that is visually moving, playful, sometimes dizzying and always enchanting. Instead of documenting his world, Augustin would rather build a world he can share, a world we can dream.

His universe is populated by strange beings wearing masks and costumes, hybrids of humans, animals, trees and machines. Referencing legends and rituals, using found or built objects, his images have their own language, full of recurring signs and pictograms that are deliberately rudimentary. There is a bit of primitivism in his work, an artist who prefers art brut and outsider art to contemporary art, more interested in ethics than aesthetics. Augustin’s work is characterized by spontaneity and sincerity, an intermediary to myths and symbols that bring different worlds into contact with one another so that the beauty of his world transforms ours.