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Play-back: Seminars on publishing sound


January 2, 2018 till December 11, 2017


The fact is, that poetry, as it occurs normally, is written and printed, not sung and spoken, poetry. And with this, poetry has lost nothing. On the contrary, poetry has gained something: a spatial reality that the so loudly lamented sung and spoken poetries lacked.” -Ulises Carrion, <<What A Book Is>>, 1975

Play-back is a collective sound archive, writing room and a set of discussions about uttering words and sounds – in the space, on paper – and performative narratives. It unfolds from Ulises Carrion’s idea that writers and artists do not write books but texts, and considers writing and publishing performative gestures and tool. It talks about songs, sounds, voices and writing aloud, and prospects forms for recording and playing back memories and performative acts.
The temporary community of artists, curators and writers around the Seminars on publishing sound will meet daily to share sources and discussions, in writing and live. Traces of the debate will be hosted in the issue n. 3 of the self-published magazine: Blackout

Session will take place on January 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11

To attend, please sign up via this LINK before December 28, 2017.

Project collaborators: Mohamed Abdelkarim, Madeleine Amsler, Federica Martini, and invited guests