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Our Jubilee music program’s second event with Mapping Possibilities VI

September 25, 2018

Mapping Possibilities VI

At 7:30 pm

Cinema Zawya, Downtown

Swiss visual artist Niculin Barandun and Sound artist AN MOKU are coming to Cairo this month, to take part of the sixth edition of Mapping Possibilities. The two artists will be here to participate in our second Jubilee music event. The event is organized in collaboration with Mapping Possibilities for their sixth edition, on September 25, 2018.

Pro Helvetia Cairo has launched a music program last month, commemorating 30 years of the office’s operations in the Arab world. The program started with a concert for Swiss duo OY.

Mapping Possibilities is an ongoing collective project of audio/visual performances. The collective gives DIY/self-taught/experimental artists a chance to present their work, expanding its public exposure. To keep a dynamic spirit, the collective tries to present new line-ups in each performance.

Each performance is the product of collaboration between audio artists and visual artists, who work together to explore different possibilities on the conceptual and technical levels. The performance relies on cutting edge production technologies and offers new ways of digital production.

For that edition, Niculin Barandun is collaborating with Egyptian sound artist Ismail for the first performance, and AN MOKU is collaborating with Egyptian visual artist Mostafa El Baroody for the second performance. 

1st performance: Ismail & Niculin Barandun

Ismael is an electronic producer based in Cairo, (Egypt). He is also a member of the Cairo-based electronic music collective “Kairo Is Koming“. He is co-founder & co-curator of a monthly “living room” experimental music night “Canale Undici”, that hosts musicians & producers in Cairo to showcase their works. Ismael’s sounds delve into experimental noise to bass music & techno. He has toured in cities like Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Basel and many more.
In 2017, he released an EP on Berlin-based label Nous Disques titled “Low Contrast”, which has been described as “cranky, cracked batch of industrially-rooted, grimily forward club music.”
More about Ismail

Niculin Barandun :Swiss artist born 1987, based in Basel, Switzerland. Using self-developed software-instruments, Niculin Barandun creates processes at the intersection of art, science, technology and design.
More about Barandun

2nd performance: AN MOKU and Mostafa El Baroody

AN MOKU: Dominik Grenzler is a sound artist from Zurich, Switzerland with a spot for experimental and ambient soundscapes. The literal translation of the Japanese word «Anmoku» is “tacit, unsaid, implicit” conveying that an idea or thought cannot be put into words but is subconsciously understood. Inspired and animated, with this approach, Dominik’s abstract, cinematic music gives the listener room for imagination and interpretation. His approach to ambient is highly personal, as he manages to generate tension with a hidden musicality, drowned in a miasma of organic, yet manipulated, sounds. Dominik describes AN MOKU often as distinctive non-music or just new-music. Since 2015 he is the founder and curator of the label EndTitles.
More about AN MOKU

Mostafa El Baroody is a Cairo based architect, visual artist and a freelance graphic designer. As an Architect he took part in several architectural projects and competitions and is currently a teaching assistant at the American University In Cairo-Department of Architecture. Mostafa’s artistic experience moves from his formalist explorations of architecture through digital media. His process incorporates experimental techniques using visual programming and animation software.
More about Mostafa El Baroody


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