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OPEN CALL: Live Praxes #2 [Online Edition]

November 1, 2020 till December 31, 2020

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Deadline for applications: October 25, 2020

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“Oral and written literature differ in their authorship and audience. In oral cultures, the memory of authorship, though never entirely absent, is of little general importance-occasionally with songs but not with myths, folktales, and, rarely, epics.
Jack Goody [Oral literature]” 

Live praxes 2nd edition invites visual and performance artists, writers, and sound artists to work on spoken word, through seminars where a wide range of textual materials and its possible relations to sound, orality and vocality [speech, theatre, poems, press, radio, lyrics, etc.] can be discussed.
In this edition, Live praxes will consist of online seminars/workshops followed with radio/live performance events.
The seminars/workshops: in a frame of two months group meeting and one on one session focus on the spoken text, in particular, the recorded process as a production tool and notions related to performativity, language and discourse. The workshops are facilitated by the swiss visual artist and performer Gilles Furtwängler, and the swiss curator Madeleine Amsler and Cairo based visual artist and performer Mohamed Abdelkarim.
  • This edition is open to participants from/residents of the Arab World countries.
  • Diversity of the group and applications’ relation to the topics, as well as possible contributions  will be considered in the selection criteria.
  • The workshops are mostly in English, but participants are welcome to work and produce text with any language you prefer [Arabic, English, French, German, etc]

About the Lecturers: 

Gilles Furtwängler (b. 1982)
Lives and works between Lausanne and Johannesburg, he works with performance, wall-painting and graphic design, with text – both as a process of writing and reading.

His workshop focuses on the spoken text through researching materials. The proposition of this workshop is that each participant will create from their personal interests and field of work a spoken word piece which will be delivered live by the authors at the end of the workshop.

Madeleine Amsler

An art historian and freelance curator based in Geneva. She has acquired experience in the institutional art world (e.g. Mamco, Geneva, print room of the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Geneva and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne) as well as in the independent art scene (Forde and Ex-Machina in Geneva). Since 2011, she has been co-directing .perf, a nomadic performance festival in Geneva. In 2012 she founded the artist residency Embassy of Foreign Artists and co-directed it for 5 years. Furthermore, she worked as visual arts specialist for the Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia and as cultural counsellor (visual arts, video and film) for Canton Basel-City. Since 2018, she is the coordinator of the Swiss Performance Art Award and she teaches theory at the HKB, school of Arts, in Bern.

Madeleine proposes a lecture on the ways of curatorial practices in the context of performance, alongside a view on the history of performance on the global scale and in the swiss context in particular.

Mohamed Abdelkarim (b. 1983)

lives in Cairo, his work focuses on producing text-based performances, he is committed to methods of performative practices and multidisciplinary research. Examines how performative gestures such as narrating, singing, dancing, detecting and doing are perceived.

Abdelkarim workshop, focus on how Lyrics can play the role of spoken essay and essayist poems? Examining how to detect and listen to songs/lyrics as a ready-made text, that is able to analyse and detect certain concepts alongside raising questions on the performativity actions as narrating and poeticising essay as a form of knowledge.

Live Praxes:
A performance encounter that includes workshops, seminars and performance nights. It creates a space to discuss textual performative practices in artistic, curatorial and pedagogical spheres.

Live praxes focuses on the notion of text-based performance as not only a medium but also a research apparatus. It is committed to the concepts of ‘performativity and textuality’, with an extensive scope of mediums and formats including moving images, theatre, lectures, installations, publications, sound and choreography.

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