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Marc Ossterhoff rocking Us, the Moon & the Neighbors Festival (Beirut)


August 26, 2019

Take Care of Yourself

From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

In Beirut, Marc Oosterhoff, leader of Moost Company will present his solo work “Take care of yourself” in the 6th edition of Us, the Moon & the Neighbors festival, organized by Hammana Artist House. Beside the performance, Ossterhoff will lead a workshop with Ajial amateur dance group.

Take Care of Yourself performance

A solo performance based on risk. A challenge against oneself, transmitted to the public in a simple, frontal and generous way. A voluntary submission to danger as a way of feeling alive in the depths of one’s flesh. A game to get out of the dreary safety standards that mark and sanitize our daily life: no swimming here, no climbing, attention to the closing of doors, video surveillance area…

Here the dancer dictates his own rules, redefines by his own body his own space sows his own pitfalls: a bottle of Whiskey, fifteen shot glasses, knives, paper dumplings, a basket and rat traps. All this is littering the scene. Then the dancer enters, the glasses are filled and the games can begin. Childish games first, games of skill, but accomplished with the seriousness of a clerk seeming to seize here his last chance to meet. So he seeks. He darts in the middle of the rat traps. A new glass is empty. A knife appears on the table. One last game? The audience hesitates between hilarity and fear but never leaves the dancer.


A solo for those bored to the solitary, halfway between contemporary circus, performance and contemporary dance.


The piece was selected for the 2016 Sévelin Quarter-Hours and has been reworked with the help of Lionel Baier. She was then part of the Tanzfactor 2018 tour, and her time at the BE FESTIVAL Birmingham allowed her to be invited for many dates in Spain and the UK.


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