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“Lost, Found and Eternal” workshop by: Sandrine Pelletier


March 3, 2018 till March 14, 2018


From 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

28 Gamaa El-Ismaili st, lazoghly square
Cairo, Egypt

March 21, 2018 till March 29, 2018


Zamalek Kids' Garden, St. Om Kolthoum, near El-Zamalek mosque.

An archaeological site is a place in which evidence of past activity is preserved (either prehistoric, historic or contemporary). In cities like Cairo, plenty of archaeological sites lay unnoticed sending ambiguous signs to those willing to turn around and listen attentively. Paying attention might help us communicate with the spot through our collective memory, looking within it for little indicatives to guide us through the process of deconstructing the place. Analyzing its history and impact of the people who passed by it.
The workshop is an attempt to achieve a clear view of a place, taking into consideration all its elements, be it reflections, shadows, voices and sounds, or people that associated with the place, a complete grasp of the place and its context. We then attempt to deconstruct and rebuild the elements, tracing the authentic elements and creating parallel landmarks with the ability to draw attention to or recall certain aspects relating the history of the place to its reality now.
First Indoor session will take place at Studio Khana.
Outdoor sessions will take place in Zamalek Kids’ Garden, St. Om Kolthoum, near El-Zamalek mosque.
Duration and Timeline:
11 Am – 4 pm
Day 1 (Friday)11 Am – 4 pm: Indoor introductory session – the participants introduced to the instructor and her outdoor projects, along with a brief history of Land art and examples of outdoor projects and artists.
Day 2 (Saturday) 11 Am – 4 pm: Participants will explore the garden and observe all the surroundings, and lost objects that are already there. Each participant will have to define a place in the garden: (a tree, a brick wall, a cabin, or on the top of a palm tree.)
Day 3 – Day 6 (Monday 5 March – Wednesday 14 March) 11 Am – 4 pm: Over the course of the two weeks, students will meet and work on their projects. They will use methods like the ready-made, found object, land art to create their pieces (Abandoned plastic bags or little stones from the ground, an abandoned seesaw, or a pile of wood planks). They will not be allowed to bring any elements/materials from outside the garden. For the rest of the week the instructor will hold discussions with the participants and will help them start, finalize and write about their projects.
Final Exhibition (Wednesday 21 March- Thursday 29 March): The works will be on display in the garden for a week The result will not be presented in a gallery or in a closed space. The process and results will be archived and displayed in a catalogue. Along with texts by the instructor and the participants about their piece and the thought, process that helped them achieve it.

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