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Local Stories of Arts & Learning: Workshops


The Cairo Working Group of the Another Roadmap School network invites you to a series of workshops, discussions and presentations on art education in Egypt to take place between the 25th of November and the 2nd of December 2017.

Arguably, an engagement with art mediation and education starts from a closer look at the dynamics of how people work together and exchange knowledge. The Cairo Working Group are interested in the details of how and why people sit together in a common space of learning, the power structures embedded and resisted within such an assembly and the collective histories shaping our understanding of what potential settings of learning hold. Through the different gatherings, the group hopes to trace how concepts and methodologies of art education travelled from one context to another and their relationship to self organisation, ruling hegemonies and economy.

Throughout the week participants of each workshop will contribute to a collection of notes and comments and work on a timeline / map of thoughts, dates and images related to learning and art in the local context.

Short video talks by art practitioners, learners and educators around the economies of arts and knowledge have been prepared by Rana ElNemr and will be shown in the CiC Library for a 10-day installation. An open conversation on the subject will take place during the public events on Saturday the 2nd of December.

Current members of the Cairo Working Group are Nour El Safoury, Hussein ElHajj, Rana ElNemr, Andrea Thal. For more information, visit the BLOG.

Another Roadmap School is an international network of researchers and practitioners of art education working in schools and universities, museums and cultural institutions, educational centers and grassroots organizations.

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