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Hammams’ Maqam, 3rd Kurdistan Sound Art Exhibition 2019


April 18, 2019 till April 21, 2019

Jason Kahn's performance 1


April 24, 2019 till April 25, 2019

Jason Kahn's performance 2

Space21 is a sound art exhibition taking place in Kurdistan (North Iraq). It focuses on site-specific and relational works that open up different sound experiences for public . This year’s exhibition will draw attention to the special architectural and social environments of the Hammam. There are a number of Hammam still active, and with their particular spatial qualities will allow for unique sonic investigations. While the Hammam is less central to life in Kurdistan today, it nonetheless touches deep historical and personal memories of many people, and therefore may also allow for reflecting upon the history of the cities and their transformation over the years.

Space 21 has invited Jason Kahn  to exhibit a site-specific sound installation to be exhibited April 25-26 in the Citadel Hammam in Erbil, South Kurdistan (Iraq).


Walid Siti (KIQ/UK)

Hardi Kurda (KIQ/SE)

Abel Korinsky (GE)

Klaas Hübner (GE)

Magdalena Manderlova (CZ)

Sharif Sehnaoui (LB)

Ida Mårdhed (SE)

Jason Kahn (CH/US)

Kahn says about his participation: “For the past few years my work as been examining how we perceive sound in the context of memory and how these recollected sounds resonate across time. I’m interested in the space between our imagined sounds taken from memory and the sounds we move through in our day-to-day lives. How do these sounds from our past shape our awareness of the sounds we move through in our present time? Does the past overtake the present through the resonance of our memories, these sounds echoing across time and clashing or reinforcing the sounds we hear in the moment?”
“For the Space 21 exhibition I wanted to interview people about their foremost childhood sound memories. These interviews are to be answered in Kurdish. These recordings, along with recordings made in the field during my stay where the exhibition will be held, will be used in a sound installation for a Hammam. Taken in the context of Hammams, which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in countries like Turkey and Morocco, the natural resonance of these spaces provide an analog to the resonance of sound shifting across time and memory. And therefore, it seems to me that the Hammam would be an ideal place for this work. Voices from the interviews and sounds recorded in the field will appear intermittently, appearing and receding from aural view, just as our recollection of these sounds shift across our memory.”