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FuittFuitt advances in Egypt


April 18, 2018 till April 18, 2019

One Year programme

This April, Swiss dance company 7273 is starting a long term program, in Egypt, in collaboration with Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC), contributing to the professional development of 30 young dancers and the development of practice in contemporary dance by dancers and choreographers.

The program was developed by company 7273 and CCDC especially for the full-time dance school students to ensure coherence and relevance to the professional training they attend at CCDC. It will last for two years including workshops and public performances.

“Multi Styles FuittFuitt” is a dance that requires of the interpreter a constant, permanent, and deep internal reflection. Forms are brought to the surface that become the foundation of the dance. FuittFuitt is about unfolding an endless movement that is drawn by ornaments and created with a dedication to precision, ultimately leading the dancer to forget the limitations of the body, thus leading them to experience the intoxicating joy that comes with a release from consciousness.

Their in-depth research into music of the region lead Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon to discover for themselves the regional-specific system of “mâqam,” where quarter tones are played using a general music system with special applications. The dancers have since developed a freedom through movement that corresponds with the way in which the mâqam gives the interpreter space to express their personality and find their own originality. The execution of the maqâms requires rigor and fantasy and the transfer of this musical technique to the body is at the core of Yadi’s and Cantillon’s Multi Styles FuittFuitt.