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Frédéric Moser and Phillippe Schwinger at Meeting Point 8 with their project “Capitulation”


April 12, 2017 till June 4, 2017

Meeting points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain

From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Swiss artists Frédéric Moser and Phillippe Schwinger will present their project “Capitulation”, which has a combined visual effect using film and stage constructions in a video installation. The piece will be showcased at Meeting Points International Contemporary Arts event’s 8th edition in Beirut, from April 12 till June 4, 2017.

“Capitulation” was produced in 2003, as the two artists’ reaction on Iraq War II; Moser and Schwinger question the present state of the conflict according to symbols and war metaphors produced in the media, and support the idea that “fiction does not oppose the real, but that the real must be fictionalized in order to be thought.” In their films, the Swiss duo uses fiction as an instrument to appropriate the “real” and to contribute to its public reflection and debate. For “Capitulation” Moser and Schwinger have chosen the fragment of the historic performance where the active integration of the audience will have an essential role for the further development of the situation.

Meeting Points 8 began in Cairo (May 25 – 28, 2016), traveled to Brussels (December 7 to 17, 2016) and will culminate at the Beirut Art Centre (12 April – 4 June, 2017). This year’s edition of Meeting Points “Both Sides of the Curtain” aims at inventing ways for new kinds of art to be created and shared between artists and the public. Ideas were developed through social events where costumes and choreography were put to practical use and tested considering art as a form of enthusiastic development and sharing of ideas – an interaction that creates a community which shapes “Both Sides of the Curtain” into an expedition through different sites and times.

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