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Festa alla Torbola – Opening of Verzasca Foto Festival


September 6, 2018

Exhibition opening

At 5:30 pm

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Egyptian artist Mai Al Shazly, winner of the Varzasca Foto Festival Residency, is having her solo exhibition, along with two other exhibitions for artists Zuzana Pustaiová (Slovakia) and Jagoda Wiesniewska (Ploland/CH) on September 6, 2018.

Her project is THE THIRD TRACE engage with the physical and cultural landscapes in attempt to determine contextual definitions related to the identity of a given place. In the village of Cortasc, she explores ideas of representation through performance and gestures to rediscover that abandoned village.
By tracking painted yellow path marks as a way to enter to the unknown village and to show the juxtaposition between the known thing and the unknown thing. Al Shazly created her own marks and placed artificial rocks covered with red to portray her daily walking route. These different sized and textured rocks reflect some ideas about exploring, ease of mobility, and her question of: are these signs merely a guide or signs of a hidden relationship?

Exhibition opening: 17:30 hrs
Followed with dinner and live music.