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EYE ARCHIVE – Exhibition in Rabat (Morocco)


February 12, 2020

Exhibtion Opening

At 6:30 pm

Our artist in residence Camille Dumond, currently carrying out her studio residency at Le Cube – Independent Art Room (Rabat), is holding her second event during her residency period, on Wednesday, February 12, at 6:30 PM.

“Eye archive” introduces the outcome of research led by Camille Dumond about translation and transcription, in Tangier and in Rabat, in the form of a video projection and an installation.

During her residency, she took as a starting point a collection of stories from 1979, entitled “Five eyes”, gathering eleven tales narrated in Darija dialect by five Moroccan authors, painters, storytellers, to their American interlocutor. But these were only translated in English.

Her research returns to the blind spot of translation and to confront the question of the author, the gesture of translation, and their consequences beyond language.

Film: “Eye archive group (Technopark)” ” – مجموعة عين الأرشيف
(تكنوبارك طنجة) ”

Realization: Camille Dumond, with the collaboration of Hamza Ahmich, Ilias Naser, Saad Mohad, Salma Elidrisy, Anass Allaoui, Hassan Okacha, Amine Daoud, Younes Daghmoumi, from P-art-age Company, Tangier; and Sara Zekri, Diyae Maalem.

Camera: Camille Dumond. Sound: Younes Daghmoumi. Video editing: Camille Dumond, Zineb Sbai El Idrissi. Subtitles: Zineb Sbai El Idrissi.

Thanks to: Elisabeth Piskernik, Gabrielle Camuset, Joséphine Dernoncourt, Zineb Sbai El Idrissi, Le Cube – independant art room, Ayoub El Jamal, Drissi El Arbi, Compagnie P-art-age, Jaouad Essounani (Dabatek/Dabateatr), Kevin Le Dortz, Achraf Remok, Ayoub El Mouzaine.

“Extra lives” | Ceramics realized in the Craft complex of Oulja, Salé (Pottery Sahara).

Eye archive – عين الأرشيف | Booklet of interviews led with Simon-Pierre Hamelin, Khalid Amine, Abdelaziz Jedir, Zoubeir Ben Bouchta.

Translation: French-Darija and English-Darija by Zineb Sbai El Idrissi. Transcriptions: Camille Dumond.
Proof-reading: Ayoub El Mouzaine, Achraf Remok, Joséphine Dernoncourt.

Production has been realized by Camille Dumond during her residency at Le Cube – independent art room (Rabat) and at the Dabatek (Tangier), as a part of Pro Helvetia Cairo’s Studio Residency program 2020.


Since 2017, she realized four short films produced independently in between artist film and cinema. Each film takes place in a contemporary heterotopia and is based on field research, putting into question what is left of historical or cultural facts when the transcription occurs into fiction. Her installations focus on the creation of scenographies, filming spaces or autonomous objects, designed as emulators of a trans-disciplinary thought.

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