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December 19, 2016 till January 19, 2017

7 Gamal El Din Abou El Mahasen St.
Garden City, Cairo

+202 27957714
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From 19 December, Medrar is organizing the month-long exhibition Discursiveness which explores the relations between tactile and digital forms of practice through the works of Yannick Jacquet, Fred Penelle and Dia Hamed.

The exhibition Discursiveness suggests analogy within the works of Yannick Jacquet, Fred Penelle and Dia Hamed as instances of an expansive communication between tactile ( and digital forms of practice. Their works meander across multiple stages and mediums like printmaking, sculpture and digital media. With a passion for luminance and shades, their works not only accentuate the stability of materials in static objects, but also strengthens the viewer’s senses towards the motion represented in a set of blinking pixels. In an immersive non-discursive setup, Jacquet and Penelle address transmission in old school wood engraving, vintage technologies and digital masking, while Hamed procedurally shuffles through skill, tool and automation. He tries to jabber in a conversation in which one can lose track of how “things” are made, lingering over the intermediate processes, languages and technologies of creation.

Mécaniques Discursives,Terrain and Viscosity, digitally animate and illuminate physical forms. Time deconstruction allow for invoking reverberation among the exhibited pieces. Transcending of substance towards observable mechanisms is how Yannick, Fred and Dia echo within the walls of Medrar’s exhibition space.


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