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Companie Interface Performing in International Festival of Liberal Theater – Amman


April 27, 2019

Vive La Vie

At 7:00 pm

Swiss dance company, Companie Interface, is invited to perform its creation “Vive la Vie” at The International Festival for Liberal Theater, Amman, on April 27, 2019.
This edition is the 14th edition of the Festival, and is planned from April 27 till May 2.

Everything starts in 1900…

Relationships between men and women as well as parents are described, music, clothes, tools used too. Then everything accelerates and we arrive 20 years later, in the context of the end of the First World War, which has moved certain paradigms. The man has become a pulpit, the woman is already emancipated, the children become heritage of state (because to make modern wars, it takes many men, a lot of cannon pulpit), the woman becomes the symbol of the model mother who must bring her children to maturity, she is less and less the one who supports her husband.

Then we jump again 20 years later, and so on …

We are seeing mentalities evolve from generation to generation, as well as clothing, music, children and household tools, freeing the woman from her tasks, with in the bottom this vision of stronger and stronger that what is scientific is just well. And the world is accelerating with the appearance of radio, TV, family privacy disappears, we connect on computers and Ipad. Each one frees himself from his tedious tasks, but at the same time, instead of using this new time for the meeting, one isolates oneself more and more, in the end only to be roommates of one another.