Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Visual Arts

Céline Peruzzo | Studio Residency

Céline Peruzzo is an artist based in Geneva, CH. Throughout her career she has been developing her practice of drawing and sculpture, which she shows in the form of installations. Her artistic activity is often diversified and leaves the walls of the showrooms as in her project Maison Perruche, which she starts in 2017. For …

Studio Residency, Visual Arts

Sonia Kacem │ Studio Residency

Sonia’s practice has been characterized by voluminous in situ, ephemeral or permanent sculptures/installations, which attempt to redefine abstraction, its formal identity and its narrative scope. She, collects images, forms, stories, which she uses to manipulate ideas and materials, in order to deploy pallets of colors and shapes in which the body is brought to wander. …