Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Joël László – Research Trip Experience 2020 (Egypt)

My research trip to Cairo and Egypt allowed me to spending a wonderful and intensive four weeks. Thanks to the support of Pro Helvetia Cairo, and to the Cairo Book Fair that just had opened its doors for me, I got the chance to meet writers, critics, publishers and playwrights from day one; and once …



The Fischermanns Orchestra met the Artistic Director of the Cairo Jazz Festival in Bremen during the showcase festival Jazzahead!2015. Amro Salah invited us to come and play in Cairo and we immediately started dreaming about going to Egypt. As moving 15 musicians to another continent is always a big logistic challenge, we had to figure …


Teresa Rotemberg – Children Theatre Production (Cairo)

“Conducting workshops and devising a performance at Dawar Arts presented me with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a group of creative individuals who fight to give children a space in Egyptian society. In this way, children’s theatre production opens up a space where children’s stories and experiences can be made visible. . At the …


Nourhan Maayouf – Studio Residency Experience 2019

“The art residency has allowed me to connect with different cultures such as Swiss artists and immigrants and opened doors for conversations. This is in the form of giving talks about photography and my art practice to students, artists and immigrants in notable schools such as F+F school of art and design and high school …


Lord Kesseli and the Drums – Sailing Stones (Tunisia)

Sailing Stones residency workshop was a different experience, Tunisia and all the Tunisian musicians were really inspiring. We did not expect such harmony between artists, and that was the perfect number of musicians. The festival and all the people we met, played and composed music with were amazing and the choice of musicians and bands …


Belia Winnewisser – The Sailing Stones Experience (Tunisia)

The Sailing Stones residency experience was very important for me. Now I think about it more than thinking while being there; I have a lot of energy since I’m back, and I think I feel that way because of all the respect everyone had during the festival. It didn’t matter if you were an artist, …


Marcel Bieri – The Sailing Stones Residency & Festival (Tunisia)

In the past couple of years, I went on field studies all over Europe to learn more about the continent, its people, the activities in the field of current music and culture. Also in order to figure out what my future work field could look like with the background of 15 years of building up …


Bit-Tuner – The Cairo Experience 2017

It was new experience to me, traveling to Cairo and working together with 100Copies Music label. It was very inspiring to meet this (young) musicians working with minimal equipment and possibilities, but at the same time performing lots of shows, mainly at street parties or weddings. That gave a really different aspect to this collaboration. …


Uriel Orlow – Studio Residency Experience 2010

In my opinion, foreign cultural institutions can offer more diversity and more alternatives; they can broaden the scope of cultural projects and support existing institutions. They can give a good push to research and artistic practice. Pro Helvetia Cairo has already done some excellent initiatives there, and this can create input into the local scene …


Beate Engel – Where are you?

“Where are you?” was the first SMS typed into my new cell phone after arriving in Cairo for my curator-in- residence program, November 2008. While waiting downtown in the coffee shop beside the Townhouse Gallery for my city-guide, and a fellow practicing artist, Mahmoud Hanafy. The question “Where are you?” accompanied me everywhere I went. …