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Phil Battiekh – Studio Residency Experience 2019

“As a mahraganat DJ I’ve been following the scene very closely for the past six years and noticed the major impact it had in and outside of Egypt. More and more club producers are incorporating or referencing mahraganat elements in their productions as well. It was very interesting to see what experimental artists and club producers draw from mahraganat and how they use it”


Nourhan Maayouf – Studio Residency Experience 2019

I have been always scared to deal with the physical space, owing to the nature of my medium, digital photography. The two exhibition experiences have taught me to get over that fear. Working without a curator, I have learnt how to create an experience and visual narration for space visitors.


Uriel Orlow – Studio Residency Experience 2010

The “Pretended Exchange” that is basically quick, short, single event which offers no scope or possibility to develop any real exchange. This is why the three-month residency is very important, it allows time for real engagement. The exchange should be constructed in a way that makes a follow-up possible, there should be sustainability.

Studio Residency, Testimonial

Mohamed Allam – Studio Residency 2011

I got a chance to know the European culture with a close eye -especially the Swiss culture- since it was my first trip to Europe. The residency was the key that opened many doors for me on both personal and professional levels. After coming back, and having solid personal contact with Swiss artists, the cooperation between Medrar for Contemporary Art, the company I co-founded in 2005, and Pro Helvetia Cairo started to get shaped.