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Artists in Residence

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March 2017 | Theatre

Zino Wey │Research Trip

Swiss theater director born in Basle in 1988; since the season 14/15, Zino Wey has worked as a freelance director at the Münchner Kammerspielen, the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the Nationaltheater Mannheim, the barracks Basel, the theater Winkelwiese Zurich, the Ballhaus Ost Berlin and the Literary Colloquium Berlin / Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin. He regularly implements his own projects …

October to December 2015 | Visual Arts

Sandrine Pelletier │ Studio Residency 2015

Visual artist. Born in 1976. Lives and works in Brussels.

Country of residency: Egypt

October 2015 | Visual Arts

Gilles Fontolliet │ Research Trip 2015

Visual artist. Born in 1981. Lives and works in Switzerland. Research Residency: Jordan.

Country of residency: Jordan

November - December 2015 | Theatre

Isis Fahmy & Benoit Renaudin │ Research Trip 2015

Isis Fahmy, Swiss theater Director and Dramaturge born in 1986; living and working in Switzerland Benoit Renaudin, Swiss Journalist and Designer, born in 1987, based in Switzerland  

Country of residency: Egypt

February and August | Visual Arts

Raphael Cuomo & Maria Iorio │Research Trip 2016

Swiss Visual artists, based between Geneva and Berlin. The research residency was carried our in Egypt and Tunisia, preparing a visual art project with Egyptian and Tunisian artists  

Country of residency: Tunisia

February 2016 | Music, Theatre

Jacques Siron │Research Trip 2016

Swiss Musician. Born in 1949. Lives and Works in Switzerland.  Siron is fascinated about Cairo, therefore he carried out his research residency in Cairo which resulted a long project and collaboration with El Warsha group, a documentary about Cairo, and a theater performance in 2017.

March - June 2015 | Visual Arts

Goran Galic & Gian-Reto Gredig │ Studio Residency 2015

Visual artists. Born in 1977 & 1976. Live and work in Zurich.

Country of residency: Egypt

March - June 2015 | Visual Arts

Noha Mokhtar │ Studio Residency 2015

Swiss Visual artist, born in 1987. Lives and works in Switzerland. Studio Residency: Egypt.

Country of residency: Egypt

Two weeks | Interdisciplinary

Giovanni Carmine │ Research Residency 2015

Curator. Born in 1975. Lives and works in Switzerland.  

May 2016 | Visual Arts

Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier │ Research Trip 2016

Visual artists. Born in 1985 & 1982. Live and work in Zurich. Research Residency: Egypt & Lebanon.