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Artists in Residence

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21 March - 5 April | Theatre, Performing Arts

Hannah Pfurtscheller │Research Trip

Opening their first season in September 2018, Hannah Pfurtscheller will be responsible for performing arts at Kaserne Basel, Switzerland, together with Sandro Lunin as artistic director. She worked as a dramaturg at wildwuchs festival in Basel (2014-2017), in the programme board at Zürcher Theater Spektakel (2014-2017), at Gessnerallee Zurich (2013-2014) and as artistic director at …

Country of residency: Egypt

13 - 28 February 2018 | Interdisciplinary

Sebastian Hirn │ Research Trip

Sebastian Hirn studied at the Humboldt University in Berlin German Literature and History, stage directing at Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna and stage design at the Zurich University of the Arts. He worked with the directors and stage designers Luc Bondy, Achim Freyer, Michael Simon and for the artist and sculptor Stephan Huber. He has realized a large number of projects as …

16 February - 5 March | Interdisciplinary

Nele Jahnke │ Research Trip

Jahnke grew up in the north of Germany and Berlin, she was member oft he Youth-Club of Volksbühne Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz from 2001-2005 and studied directing at the Zürich University of Arts and Theatre. She is living and working mainly in Zürich and sometimes somewhere else. She is a Perfomer and director working in/with different Groups. Since …

2 - 10 February 2018

Aya Tarek │ Research Trip

SHAP SHAP and Festival Antigel invite the Egyptian street artist Aya Tarek to make a mural in Geneva on the occasion of the 70th anniversary celebration of the Universal declaration of Human Rights in 2018. Located 500m from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Rue Jean Jacquet 11), this mural, …

4 Weeks | Performing Arts, Theatre

Miriam Coretta Schulte │ Research Trip

Theater director based in Switzerland, who is currently working in performance dance projects between Switzerland, Germany and France. In the past 5 years she became interested in the Middle East conducting visits and projects linked to Palestine, Israel and Jordan. She says about her work: «I like fictions around bodies, physical myths and relative truths. There is something …

1 - 23 September 2017

Mohamed Abdelkarim │Research Trip

Mohamed Abdelkarim, performer and cultural producer. After he had written his Master’s thesis on knowledge engagement at ECAV, Switzerland, Abdelkarim turned toward producing text-based performances. Abdelkarim, born in 1983, currently lives and works in Cairo. Among other places, his performances have been included in Guild Master of Cabaret Voltaire Manifesta 11, Zurich. PhotoCairo 5, 6 …

April - June 2018 | Urban Design

Yasmine El-Meleegy │Studio Residency

Yasmine is an Egyptian artist with an interdisciplinary approach; she currently works on sculpture, video, and media installations. Her latest project “Perpetual Repair in the ‘Progressive’ City” focuses on the role played by the concept of repair in the reconstruction of individual memory and renovation of a city’s urban infrastructure. She is exploring the relationship …

January - March 2018

Yara Mekawi │ Studio Residency

Yara is a Cairo-based electronic music composer and sound artist. A prolific artist and scholar, Yara‘s sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the flow of urban centers and the infrastructure of cities. She is concerned with the philosophy of unique architecture, its history and its connection with the surrounding emptiness. She extracts the musical conversation of the …

April - June 2018 | Interdisciplinary, Visual Arts

Marianne Fahmy │ Studio Residency

An Alexandria-based visual artist, Marianne is working on interdisciplinary research studies related to urbanism, politics and history. Her main interest is in undocumented historical narratives and the inaccessibility to archives, where she finds material for creative additions. Fahmy is working on creating narrative related to urban and social life by researching documents, archives, books, and …

Country of residency: Switzerland

March - April 2018 | Literature

Karoline Kamel │Studio Residency

Karoline is a writer and journalist with focusing on minority groups. She has published numerous articles and short stories about her travels, women’s issues, and social problems in Egypt. Kamel is interested in continuing her writing career in travel literature and is currently working on her first novel.

Country of residency: Switzerland