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Artists in Residence

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10 days | Interdisciplinary

Muath Isaeid | Research Trip

An active cultural manager and an urban arts curator working for Al Balad Theater (Amman – Jordan). Mu’ath’s work is mainly known for curating & organizing the “Baladk” Mural and street arts Festival in Amman, as well as being the program manager of Al Balad Music Festival, a regional Arab independent music festival and the …

Country of residency: Switzerland

Lars Willumeit | Research Trip

Lars Willumeit (b. 1974, Frankenthal/Pfalz, Germany) is an independent curator, author, and art educator based in Switzerland. He is currently a curator at the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne. With degrees in Social Anthropology (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Curatorial Studies (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste), his interests are in photography, documentarisms, regimes …

Country of residency: Lebanon

Magdy El shafee │ Research Trip

I am an Alien, a space alien landed in a location known as Libya.. but my family had to live in Egypt because they are Egyptians ..for more than half a century I am watching, recording and trying to comprehend that weird creature; humankind. I send some stories about this in comics form or graphic …

Country of residency: Switzerland

13 - 21 July 2019

Line Itani I Seminar Avignon

 Line Itani graduated from the Lebanese American University with a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual studies. Her senior film Brine (أُجاج) screened at the 24th European Film Festival in Beirut as part of the Lebanese Students’ Short Films category. Line has also directed a physical performance, shown during Masrah al-Madina’s Mishkal Festival in 2016. Line is …

May 25 - June 15 | Interdisciplinary

Nadia Halouani & Mohamed Chamseddine Batal │ Research Trip

Nadia HALOUANI (Architect, and member of the sailing stones Festival & residency team) and Mohamed Chamseddine Batal TEMANI, (Electro-mechanical engineer, and member of the scenography/logistics team of the Sailing Stones festival & residency).

Country of residency: Switzerland


Magdalena Nadolska | Research Trip

Magdalena Nadolska studied Theater, Media and Education at the University of Bern. Since completing her licentiate, the Grisons has been working as a director and dramaturge on various theater projects and groups. In 2010 she founded the free production community MYDRIASIS. In 2005, the director received the Sponsorship Award of Eliette von Karajan-Kulturfonds in the …

Country of residency: Palestine


Dennis Schwabenland | Research Trip

Dennis Schwabenland grew up in the Ruhr district. As actor and director, he operates as co-artistic director of the drama group PENG! Palast. He graduated from the academy of arts in Berne (HKB) in 2008 with distinction and was awarded the BEST scholarship (Trächselstipendium) for outstanding graduates of all art academy study courses. During his …

Country of residency: Palestine


Daniel Mezger | Research Trip

Born 1978, grew up in the Swiss mountains. He studied acting at the Berne University of Music and Theatre and worked several years at the theatres in Göttingen, Germany. Since 2004 he lives and works as a writer, actor and musician in Zurich. He studied at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel where he now …

Country of residency: Palestine


Darja Stocker │Research Trip

Darja Stocker, born 1983 in Zürich, studied “Scenic writing” at the “Universität der Künste Berlin” (2012). Her plays were translated into many languages and were staged in over 30 theatres. For many years, Stocker is writing on the basis of research. Her main topics are structural violence and resistance movements. She did mostly research in …

Country of residency: Algeria, Tunisia

Visual Arts

Rayelle Niemann │ Research Trip

Rayelle Niemann, born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany; studied Nutrition, Art, Film – and Video History, in Zurich, Switzerland, since1984. Niemann is a Freelance curator and cultural producer. Her projects revolve around the research on social phenomenon spaces/places, created by, and provided for, the human being and the arising reciprocal influences and effects. Between 2003 and 2012 …

Country of residency: Lebanon