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Artists in Residence

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Darja Stocker │Research Residency

Darja Stocker, born 1983 in Zürich, studied “Scenic writing” at the “Universität der Künste Berlin” (2012). Her plays were translated in many languages and were staged in over 30 theaters. Since many years, Stocker is writing on the base of research. Her main topics are structural violence and resistance movements. She did mostly research in …

Country of residency: Algeria, Tunisia

Visual Arts

Rayelle Niemann │ Research Trip

Rayelle Niemann, born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany; studied Nutrition, Art, Film – and Video History, in Zurich, Switzerland, since1984. Niemann is a Freelance curator and cultural producer. Her projects revolve around the research on social phenomenon spaces/places, created by, and provided for, the human being and the arising reciprocal influences and effects. Between 2003 and 2012 …

Country of residency: Lebanon

March 30 - April 30 | Visual Arts

Engy Aly │Research Residency

A Cairo-based graphic designer, born in 1982. Aly holds an MFA in Graphic Design the University of Illinois in Chicago and an MA from the Basel School of Design in Switzerland (FHNW HGK/UIC). Aly’s work is focused on a selective clientele of entrepreneurs as well as cultural institutions and projects. She also produces her own personal …

Country of residency: Switzerland

6 - 9 February | Dance

Jadd Tank │ Research Trip – Swiss Dance Days

Jadd Tank’s passion for choreography and dance lies in the exploration of boundless possibilities in which objects, bodies and events relate to each other: the Spaces we create and the identities that Spaces create for us. Jadd has performed internationally with his own work and those of Omar Rajeh | Maqamat, Alias Guilherme Botelho, Marcel Leemann, …

Country of residency: Switzerland

6 - 9 February | Dance

Aly Khamees │ Research Trip – Swiss Dance Days

Aly Khamees, born in Cairo (Egypt). Growing up in a local area (Matareya) he enjoyed street dance, this passion led him to a general desire for dance and he has decided to become a dancer. Years later he joined a street theater team “Hala”, and had a golden chance to have direct contact and interactions with the people in the streets. …

Country of residency: Switzerland

6 - 9 February | Dance

Aurélien Zouki │ Research Trip – Swiss Dance Days

Aurelien was born and grew up in Lebanon. After his theatre studies in Paris, Aurelien worked as an actor with different directors such as Gilles Zaeppfel, Bruno Thircuir, Jean Bellorini and Nathalie Garraud. He performed also in choregraphic creations in France and Italy where he was an interpreter on Rafaella Giordano’s piece « Cuocere il …

Country of residency: Switzerland

24 - 27 January | Visual Arts

Marwa Abu Leila │ Research Trip – Plat(T)form Winterthur

Marwa Abou Leila (born in 1977) is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Photopia: An independent photography school in Cairo. Marwa was graduated from Ain Shams University Commerce – English Section in 1999. She has been a photography enthusiast ever since. After quitting her banking career in 2011, she got together with a friend, Karim …

Country of residency: Switzerland

Visual Arts

Morgane Erpen │Studio Residency

Born in Montreux in 1991. After completing her schooling, Morgane discovers a passion for art, graphic and multimedia design. In 2012, she attends the ERACOM school in Lausanne and obtains her multimedia designer diploma as well as her artistic matura. She then enrolls in the Visual Arts department of ECAL, the University of Art and …

Country of residency: Egypt

Visual Arts

Nourhan Maayouf │ Studio Residency

Nourhan Maayouf is a self-taught Egyptian visual artist using the medium of photography and video. Her work focuses on experiences related to the home and the nature of relationships, inspired primarily by her home, upbringing, and personal relationships, topics such as communication and insecurity were captured in her work. Her practice relies on self portraits, …

Country of residency: Switzerland


George Farid │ Studio Residency

Egyptian music composer, sound artist and mechanical engineer, born in Egypt (1994). His work combines tape machines, field recordings, acoustic and electronic instruments. He is known for his diversity between solo work, soundtracks for films, theater and art installations. Farid’s artistic practice examines the characteristics and dispositions of sound in various morphologies, to analyze musical …

Country of residency: Switzerland