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Sonia Kacem │ Studio Residency


Sonia’s practice has been characterized by voluminous in situ, ephemeral or permanent sculptures/installations, which attempt to redefine abstraction, its formal identity and its narrative scope. She, collects images, forms, stories, which she uses to manipulate ideas and materials, in order to deploy pallets of colors and shapes in which the body is brought to wander.

Kacem is exploring further her ideas related to the rupture with figuration and its impact on a contemporary visual culture through exploration of cultural heritage as well as contemporary visual production. Referring to Islamic art, based on an arborescence of geometric shapes (evacuating the representation of the body) and daily observations. During her first residency in the Arab region at Townhouse studios, Sonia was focusing on developing a repertoire of colors and shapes specific to Cairo urban environment. Keen on developing a new body of works relating to the Tunisian territory, she will focus her research on Tunisian contemporary visual production and traditional crafts.


Based in Amsterdam and originally from Switzerland and Tunisia, Sonia’s earlier work have been exhibited in Switzerland and internationally since 2011. Also, It has been seen recently in Tilburg “Delirious” the 10th edition of Lustwarande and at Centre d’art Neuchâtel.