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Paulo Wirz | Studio Residency

Egypt | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Paulo Wirz studied Photography at ZHDK (Zürich), and obtained an MA in Fine Arts at HEAD (Geneva),

Working mostly with sculpture and installations, his practice is influenced by his childhood time in his hometown, Pindamonhangaba (Brazil) and his lived experiences, that came after, as well as the Swiss and Egypto-Lebanese origins of his family.

Throughout his formation, he has been researching topics related to burial rituals, mortality/immortality, conservation/ephemerality, material value, material attachment, and board games. He has been questioning the urge we, humans, have to achieve spirituality through something materialistic and the necessity we have to conserve material objects in general.

In Egypt, besides investigating ancient and traditional local techniques of faience, and glassblowing, he will do research on the board game Senet as well as the mummification process.