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Nadia Halouani & Mohamed Chamseddine Batal │ Research Trip

Switzerland | Interdisciplinary

May 25 - June 15 — Interdisciplinary

Nadia HALOUANI (Architect, and member of the sailing stones Festival & residency team) and Mohamed Chamseddine Batal TEMANI, (Electro-mechanical engineer, and member of the scenography/logistics team of the Sailing Stones festival & residency).

Both Nadia and Batal are very passionate about alternative music, that they dedicate a big part of their time to the Sailing Stones festival organization. This research trip is very important for them to experience the music festivals’ scene in Switzerland, and be part of the volunteering teams, in order to enlarge their perspectives behind the scenes and discover all the details of the process of the organization. They will be exchanging contacts with people who may be part of the next Sailing Stones editions. Hoping to break the borders and participate in a world cultural change!


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