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Muath Isaeid | Research Trip

Switzerland | Interdisciplinary

10 days — Interdisciplinary

An active cultural manager and an urban arts curator working for Al Balad Theater (Amman – Jordan). Mu’ath’s work is mainly known for curating & organizing the “Baladk” Mural and street arts Festival in Amman, as well as being the program manager of Al Balad Music Festival, a regional Arab independent music festival and the regional storytelling festival Hakaya. Mu’ath is also involved with international productions, recently he produced a co-production with the German producer Tanja Krone titled “E-Sound of Silence” in the famous festival Wunder der Prairie festival in Mannheim – Germany.

Mu’ath will travel to Basel – Switzerland for 10 days in November 2019.  during his stay, Mu’ath will focus on street arts and discovering ways of cross-cultural collaboration between the Amman urbanist scene and the Swiss scenery, as well as literature and music. Mu’ath is meeting artists from different backgrounds and cities in the field of street arts, such as Urbane Kunst (Basel), a street arts community project; will attend the international literature festival BuchBasel, as well as meeting with different institutions and theatres to explore possible collaborations within Hakaya Festival (Jordan).