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Mohamed Wahba │ Research Trip

Switzerland | Visual Arts

April 14 - 24 — Visual Arts

A creative illustrator who embodies the reality in sketches, Wahba was able to draw attention to him through the emergence of his talent and his ability to embody the graphics of comics that imitate aspects of people’s lives and making you feel as you see a picture taken with a real camera.
He learned the comics art with
Kim Young-ji, a Korean teacher who sketches about the streets. He always carries a scotch and pen with him and begins to express the position he sees in comics.

Wahba studied Fine Arts independently, and his works were exhibited in many exhibitions in Moscow and Cairo. His first book, Cairo, was of illustrations from the highest points in Cairo, looking down onto the Capital. Even though his drawings are in black and white, they really show the feeling and emotions of the dynamic and busy Cairo.