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Mohamed Harb | Studio Residency

Switzerland | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Mohamed Harb was born in 1979 in Gaza, where he lives and works. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Al Najah University in Nablus (2001).

He is a member of the Palestinian Association of Fine Artists and has been  working as a director at the Palestinian Satellite Channel in Gaza since 2003.

Harb has participated in many local, regional and international exhibitions, festivals and workshops in Europe and different Arab countries.

His art is influenced by the  grey reality of the Palestinian issue and he  tries to characterise it using colours. Nevertheless, all of his  different  works investigate the hidden human body.

He received many local and  international awards and several grants for his innovation, not only in project implementation but also the use of IT and video techniques.

Harb is currently spending his residency in Lago Mio to produce paintings and video art.