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Magdy El shafee │ Research Trip


I am an Alien, a space alien landed in a location known as Libya.. but my family had to live in Egypt because they are Egyptians ..for more than half a century i am watching, recording and trying to comprehend that weird creature; the humankind. I send some stories about this in comics form or graphic novels, many get my messages, luckily from my planet because if the others receive them they give me a real hard time.  Now I have lots of stories and trying to complete them. So, Prohelvetia loved the idea and support a research trip that enables me to follow the foot steps of an amazing  Swiss adventurer. An activist and journalist who supported Orabi in Egypt to revolt for a better life..  cant wait to live the spirit of these alleys where (J. Ninet) was raised up 150 years ago.. and sketch them. With much other plans and meetings for Geneva, but one visit to David, my German edition publisher in Zirich is a great chance whenever visiting Switzerland, he is one of the finest in the industry and a guardian with picky publishing house; edition moderne. a long awaited meeting.