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Jennifer Perez│Research Trip

Palestine | Music

two weeks - April 2018 — Music

Jennifer Perez (November 1988 ), better known by her stage name LA NEFERA is a dominican female rapper. Born in the D.R, she came in touch with latin american sounds at a very young age and developed early a rhythmic talent what she expressed through dance until her 16th birthday. After moving to Switzerland, came the interest in songwriting besides the fascination for dancing.

Inspired by several artists from music genres like Hip – Hop, R’n’B, Reggaeton and Metal, LA NEFERA began to write songs and form her own group the WS – Crew. One of the greatest successes of the group, was the sold out concert at X-tra in Zürich, as the opening act of the cuban hip-hop group “Orishas”, in 2008. In 2009, the group released their EP “Nuestra Frequenzia”.

Since 2013 Nefera has graduated in social work and dedicates herself again to music. She is currently working on several solo and collaborative projects.

In 2015 she released as part of the female rapgroup VYBEZBILDER the album “Skillz on Fire”. As of October 2016 La Nefera set her 1st solo album A LO HECHO PECHO

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