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Heba Khalifa │Studio Residency

Switzerland | Visual Arts

September - October 2017 — Visual Arts

Heba Khalifa Born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1977, Heba Khalifa is a multimedia artist, photojournalist and painter. After graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 2000 with a Diploma in decorative cinema and theater she also studied at the high institute of art critics. Not satisfied by artistic tools alone she started using photography as an essential part of artistic projects. Her work initially was experimentation’s of photography and painting. Her interest in documenting and representing women and gender issues led her to photojournalism.

In addition to her photo journalistic work Heba is dedicating time to longer term project that explore more conceptual issues about women. The aim of which to document and show what hides behind the struggle of women in Egypt. Heba is also a founder of “Shouf”: A collective of 8 photojournalists who use photography as means of expressing ideas and principles of life.

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