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Eslam El-Sha’ary │Research Trip

Switzerland | Music

two weeks - April 2018 — Music

Inspired by Persian and Indian classical music, the mountains, deserts of the planet, and incorporating rare ancient instruments, such as the Afghan Rabab, the Armenian DukDuk, the Kurdish Daf and the Persian Tar, Elshaary brings fusion and spirituality to the stage with performances that are eclectic and inspiring.
A move to Sinai changed his life. There he met musicians from all over the world and their different instruments. Through these meetings, he discovered Persian and Indian music. Today, when he travels, he takes with him a vast collection of instruments, such as Persian Tar, Setar, Santur, Kurdish Tanbur, Ghiechek, Daf, Duf and Tombak, Dilaruba, Ney, Bansuri flute and Duduk, also classical guitar and 12 string guitar.

Eslam released his first album JOANAR in 2015 and is working on his second album.

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