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Céline Peruzzo | Studio Residency

Egypt | Visual Arts

3 Months — Visual Arts

Céline Peruzzo is an artist based in Geneva, CH. Throughout her career she has been developing her practice of drawing and sculpture, which she shows in the form of installations. Her artistic activity is often diversified and leaves the walls of the showrooms as in her project Maison Perruche, which she starts in 2017. For this project, Peruzzo paints fabrics that become unique pieces to wear.

The human body occupies a central place in Celine Peruzzo’s work, through her creations that become body garments or in her drawings, sculptures and casts in which she represents the body as isolated parts. Her universe mixes a form of divine femininity that meets everyday objects sublimated through a kind of dried-up exotic nature. She currently continues her practice of painting on fabric while developing its three-dimensional, sculptural potential. The painted and draped fabric becomes matter to question what remains hidden, in the recesses of the intimate of what is exhibited on the surface.