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Adel Abdelwahab │Research Trip

Switzerland | Theatre Photographer: Can Rastovic

August - September 2017 — Theatre

Egyptian Theater director, curator and culture manager based in Alexandria City, Egypt. Since 2006, Abdelwahab worked as a Project Manager in various culture organizations, then he founded “Hewar Independent Theater Company”. In 2012, he initiated “Theater Is A Must” Independent International Theater Forum for Contemporary political and socio-political theater   together with Hewar Independent Theater Company in Alexandria; and since then he has been managing and curating all the editions of the forum (4 editions).

Abdelwahab is particularly interested in the evolution of Independent Theater and culture scene in the aftermath of the revolution; his work in contemporary theater is based on political ideas and a contemporary theater form, which uses multi-media and site-specific performance spaces. He directed several performances and his latest piece is a German-Egyptian interdisciplinary theater production called “Music for Unstageable Theater” that participated in “Theater Treffen” festival Berlin 2017

Recently, he started exploring being a performer in the German-Egyptian theater production Earthport.

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