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Live Performance: La Ronde Quatuor in She Arts Festival

To our utmost excitement, the early autumn breeze brought to Cairo the first live performance in so long. Swiss contemporary dancer, choreographer and researcher, Yasmine Hugonnet, participated in She Arts Festival with her performance La Ronde Quatuor.

A four-body round. Those four bodies are linked by reciprocal and returning gestures. It is a circle where faces, backs and movements turn, like a frieze of time on the surface of a vase. The round is the space that time takes to change a body into another body. Each body unfolds in the body following the dance of a common body around a hole of memories.

Yasmine Hugonnet is a choreographer, dancer, and researcher, born in Montreux in Switzerland in 1979. From 2 to 6 years old she lived in Mali. And in Switzerland, she danced the ballet and at fifteen switched to contemporary dance. She studied at the National Superior Conservatory of Dance in Paris, with an interest in contact improvisation, Butoh and composition. In 2000, after a few months in New York (Trisha Brown, Movement Research workshops…) She started working with the collective of artists Synalephe, exploring various frame of performances, site specific, interactive pieces, video works, and a practice of dance and performances with visually impaired persons, spending two years in Taiwan.

In Cairo, she also gave a two-day advanced contemporary dance workshop at Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre.

She Arts Festival was an international three-day art and cultural festival,​ featuring women in a diverse range of artistic creations​ that ​brought women artists from around the world together​ to connect and​ inspire. It took place between 9th and 11th of September 2021 at AUC Tahrir Cultural Center, directed by Neveen Kenawy.