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Theatre Workshop

Tunisia: Theatrical Improvisation Workshop by Compagnie Apsara

Under the theme ‘gender-based violence’, the Swiss theatre group Apsara gave a workshop for Tunisian professional artists and senior acting students.

The workshop, orchestrated by Silvia Barreiros of the Compagnie Apsara and Sylvie Legault in collaboration with the Tunisian organisation Thérap’Art, aimed to help professional actors develop and enhance improvisation skills, such as character construction, awareness of space and time, listening, emoting and writing in different styles.

“This workshop was a way to approach Tunisian culture. It aimed to develop actors’ sense of listening and engaging with their acting partners, so that together they build a story with a beginning, middle and an end. This requires concentration and awareness of the scene, the partner, the time and the space”, said Silvia Barreiros, founder and art director of Compagnie Apsara.
This workshop will take place in Algeria later this year.