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Citerne.live to host Beirut International Platform of Dance 2021

Only a few days separate us from the Beirut International Platform of Dance (bipod) 2021. We are excited to announce that the Swiss Compagnie Linga will present the regional premiere of its new production “COSMOS” as part of the festival.

Coping with the restriction imposed by the continuous Covid-19 pandemic, all events and performances of the festival have been moved online to citerne.live.

Citerne.live is one of the projects selected for our Parallel Sphere grant 2020. It is an online interdisciplinary digital space created by Maqamat, designed to serve as an artistic ‘safe hub’ amid the lingering restrictions related to covid-19.

As the only such platform in the region, Citerne.live presents a program of dance productions, performances, art festivals, talks, and discussion panels. Viewers all over the globe share the same space, same events, same conditions, and equal perceptions.

We are also pleased to have supported Cie Linga’s participation in the festival, premiering its new production “COSMOS” in the region. Don’t miss the live performance on May 19.

Under the title “Architecture of a Ruined Body”, bipod 2021 features more than 70 artists from 10 cities around Europe and the Mediterranean. It runs between May 16 and June 27, 2021. All the festival’s events will be taking place online.