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Live Art Workshop: Acts of Transmission


Lausanne and Basel 2020 | ACTS OF TRANSMISSION 

The Live Art Workshop project is a series of collaborative professional exchange workshops that harnesses the international network of Pro Helvetia around the development of new work in the live arts field and new circuits for the presentation of that work. The workshop series is built on the existing work and approaches of organisations and platforms active in this field in each region where the international network of Pro Helvetia is present and active.

The Live Art Workshop developed out of discussions between the Johannesburg and New Delhi offices of Pro Helvetia and Jay Pather of the Institute for Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town. The first edition of the project was convened in Cape Town in March/April 2019 and included specialist practitioners and programming partners from the southern Arab region, Switzerland and the regions of the liaison offices.

In this edition, more than 30 performance artists from different places around the world will meet in Lausanne and Basel from 2nd to 11th October at PARTOUT for performances, experimental exchange and discussions.

Over the course of ten days, contemporary performance art will be presented in all its diversity and beyond its borders. Performance presentations will be shown at:

  • Arsenic Lausanne and at Kaserne Basel – enriched by workshops at the Kaskadenkondensator
  • HeK (House of Electronic Art Basel)
  • Kunsthaus Baselland
  • Kaserne Basel

In between, exchange and discussions about performative practice.

Acts of Transmission 

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions on travel, participants from Cairo, Colombo, Delhi, Shanghai and São Paulo are collaborating virtually  with artists living in Europe in so-called ACTS OF TRANSMISSION. These “Acts of Transmission” manifest themselves in two different places and contexts in parallel. The local collaborators are physically present at PARTOUT and mediate the joint project. The “Acts of Transmission” are understood as an extension of one context into another and vice versa. It is about the specific encounters, their translation and an awareness of the in-between as well as of the two different bodies and realities.  

Meet the participants from the Arab Region:
  1. Noor Abuarafeh (PL/ EG) | Performance: Sun. 4.10.2020, from 5pm, Arsenic Lausanne

Noor Abuarafeh works with video, performance and text. Her projects deal with memory, history and archives and the possibility of tracking down absences. Noor’s videos and performances are based on texts and call the complexity of history into question: how it is formed, constructed, made, perceived, visualized and understood. She asks how all these elements are related and investigates the possibility of representing the past when there are gaps in the documentation. Her videos and socially-engaged works are based on interviews, workshops and other participatory activities.

More about Noor HERE

  1. Samuel Georgy (EG) | Performance: Sun. 4.10.2020, from 5pm, Arsenic Lausanne

Samuel Georgy, b. 1994 in Cairo, graduated from EDHEA with a Bachelor in Visual Arts. Currently, he is a student in Städelschule. Between urgency and curiosity, his installation and curatorial work approach with a quirky humour the themes of self-sufficiency, the creative arrangement of energies, and the training of the artist in his movement and his heritage vis-à-vis a culture of a given society.

Samuel Georgy was invited by Noor Abuarafeh to Acts of Transmission as a participant of the Live Art Workshop at Partout


The Live Arts Workshop Programme is made possible with support from the global network of Pro Helvetia liaison offices (JohannesburgShanghaiNew DelhiCairoSao Paulo/Coincidencia), and partners including Institute for Creative Arts (Cape Town, South Africa), Khoj (New Delhi, India), Explode! (Sao Paulo, Brazil), NAVE (Santiago, Chile), platforms led by Zhao Chuan (Shanghai, China), Noor Abuarafeh and Mohamed Abdelkarim (Cairo, Egypt), as well as in Switzerland Arsenic Lausanne and Kaserne Basel.