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Home Not Alone Residency

For decades, Pro Helvetia Artists in Residence program is operating actively between Switzerland and the regions where its liaison offices operate. Every year, artists from Switzerland and the different countries travel to pursue a three months Studio Residency and gain a broad insight into a different cultural environment.

In this globalized state of emergency when confinement orders hit, and most of the countries are under lock-down; many conversations were open about how studio residencies will get through the lack of traveling artists in the next few months? And the natural answer was to organize residencies with different format at Home.

Pro Helvetia liaison offices offered this new format to the artists who had their Studio Residencies scheduled in the second third of 2020. Artists will get the technical and financial support for three months to work on their own project at home; with an opportunity to have a mentor and/or “critical friend” from the context that they would originally have been situated in, to connect them with artists and relevant networks.

All artists participating in “Home Not Alone” residency, from different regions, will be living the same experience at the same time, but in different countries. In this exceptional situation, we are connecting artists together, so they can develop an “informal” network and have an opportunity to share their experience, practices and mediums, and to engage with each other on different levels.

This month we are welcoming artists from Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, Pakistan, and Switzerland, and more artists will be joining in the upcoming months.

Home Not Alone Participants (May – July 2020)
1. Pro Helvetia Cairo Participants










Mariam El Nozahy

Egypt – Curator

Ausstellungsraum Klingental curators’ residency





2. Pro Helvetia Johannesburg Participants

3. Pro Helvetia New Delhi Participant