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Stories from Artists in Residence

Nourhan Maayouf | Studio Residency Experience 2019

“The art residency has allowed me to connect with different cultures such as Swiss artists and immigrants and opened doors for conversations. This is in the form of giving talks about photography and my art practice to students, artists and immigrants in notable schools such as F+F school of art and design and high school Kantonsschule Enge.

I have had the opportunity to exhibit in an unusual art space such as Art Container project, where I exhibited my project “Three Tilapias for Two”. As well as collaborating with Swiss artist Fabrizia Famos, together we exhibited “Behind the Wall Lies a Blue Dream” in Stadtgalerie Chur. A project about female independence from different cultural perspectives.

I have been always scared to deal with the physical space, owing to the nature of my medium, digital photography. The two exhibition experiences have taught me to get over that fear. Working without a curator, I have learnt how to create an experience and visual narration for space visitors.

I was inspired by the presence of space blanket as a trendy object in art and politics and started working on a performative photography series using this object.”